At Dracoventions, we invent software. Whether we're finding ways to let you search all your FileMaker scripts or automate print jobs, we're always inventing new tools to empower your use of FileMaker.

Since age 8, company founder Chris Dragon spent much of his free time writing software. He started with Apple Basic, then moved on to C, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, and many other languages. Always a pioneer and software inventor, Chris created a web-browser-like terminal program before the web was invented and created his own web-server scripting language before ASP and PHP existed.

Over the course of five years as Senior Software Engineer at, Chris tied together an ancient database (created for the US Army in 1965) with modern web servers, created web-based e-mail before Hotmail, and wrote a unique application to read that e-mail to college users over the phone. This was all before he returned to U.C. Santa Cruz to complete his B.S. in Computer Science with the hope of getting a job at an environmental organization.

Chris joined a nature-education non-profit called The Children's Nature Institute in 2004. In in early 2006, he began in-house development on what would become the 2empowerFM Family of FileMaker plugins. In January 2008, Chris founded Dracoventions to bring the power of his FileMaker plugins to the public as a part-time project. In April 2009, Dracoventions became a full-time business and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

Chris currently lives with his wife, Murrah, in the mountains of Crestline, California.

Chris and wife, Murrah

How does a husband and wife team thrive in a world of multi-employee FileMaker companies? FileMaker plug-in companies with more employees are mostly focused on consulting and custom FileMaker projects. With us, plug-ins are our only business. We're passionate about keeping our software up to date with every new FileMaker and OS release, fixing bugs quickly, and if you contact us for support, you'll get a quick and detailed response straight from the guy that wrote the code. Just ask anyone who's spoken to us - we're passionate about our customers, our documentation, and our software quality.

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