Dracoventions News

Mar 22, 2008  Gap_Filler Adds Ability to Run SQL Queries Against FileMaker Data
A new GF_SQLExecute function lets users perform SQL queries on FileMaker tables.   Learn more...
Mar 3, 2008  The First Gap_Filler for Macintosh is Released for Beta Testing
The first Macintosh release for public BETA testing provides support for GF_SQLExecute, GF_Param, GF_Var, GF_RegExMatch, GF_RegExReplace, GF_Hash, GF_ScriptQueue, GF_NumberFormat, GF_MoneyToWords, GF_Version, and GF_LicenseSet.
Feb 11, 2008  Gap_Filler Dialogs Now Supports Vertically-Scrolling Text
This version of Gap_Filler now supports vertically-scrolling text in dialogs and lets you print the values of all Gap_Filler variables in memory.   Learn more...
Jan 6, 2008  Gap_Filler Now Available to the Public
After years of in-house development at The Children's Nature Institute, the Gap_Filler FileMaker plug-in has been upgraded and released to the public.   Learn more...
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