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FileMaker 13 Support is Here

December 6, 2013

Release notes

  • All plug-ins tested to work or fixed to work in FileMaker Pro 13.
  • Fixed certain features of plug-ins failing after plug-ins were updated with FileMaker 13's Install Plug-in File script step on Mac.
  • All Mac plug-ins will now run only on OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.
  • This is a free update for all users licensed to use the previous release.
  • Developer Assistant v2.71 Beta:
    • Fixed search in table relationships graph in FileMaker 13 on Mac and PC.
  • Hands-Free Printer v3.11 Beta:
    • Fixed problems printing scripts in FileMaker 13 on PC.
    • On 32-bit PC operating systems, automating printer-specific controls with print dialogs hidden now works.
    • Fixed problems printing in Italian and Dutch languages on Mac.
  • Menu Popper v3.11 Beta:
    • Menus assigned to only show when certain modifier keys are pressed no longer ignore keys pressed in certain Macintosh remote-control software.
    • Menus now show up at the correct location in FileMaker PC Runtime compiled databases.