Dracoventions News

Licenses Now Last Longer, HFP & MP 3.1, OS X Mavericks

July 5, 2013

Release notes

  • Now allows licenses purchased over a year before current plug-in release date to be used if the release contains only minor new features or small fixes.
  • All plug-ins fixed or tested to work with upcoming OSX Mavericks release.
  • New epFMNameID function added to all plug-ins that allows you to get the name of a FileMaker script, table, field, layout, or value list using its internal FileMaker ID.
  • Added 'Myself only for FileMaker 12' as an installation option to Mac installer.
  • About dialog now lists expired licenses as "License expired" instead of "Not licensed".
  • More reliable method of preventing a crash on Mac FileMaker startup if plug-in is manually installed in multiple locations.
  • Hands-Free Printer v3.1:
    • New printerSetupName parameter lets you specify a different printer name to use in Printer Setup dialog because some printers appear with a different name in Print and Print Setup dialogs.
    • Fixed bugs when used with upcoming OSX Mavericks release.
    • Fixed problems printing to fax printers on Mac.
    • Fixed bugs using printer-specific controls in Lion and Mountain Lion.
    • Fixed cancelling print job in Dutch language.
  • Menu Popper v3.1:
    • You can now make menu items unclickable without turning them grey. Useful for headers.
    • Space is no longer trimmed from the left side of menu items, allowing you to indent them.
    • Two sequential menu items with the same name are now allowed.
    • Fixed a bug that returned the wrong value when menu value was set to come before menu name and a sub-menu or second value separator character was included in the menu definition.
  • Dialog Master v2.43:
    • You may now specify the name of a currently-visible Dialog Master dialog to use as the parent of a new dialog.
    • You can now make menu items unclickable without turning them grey. Useful for headers.
  • Developer Assistant v2.7:
    • Fixed search in releationships graph in Dutch language.
    • Fixed possible crash when closing Toolbox on Windows using hotkey.