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FileMaker Server Compatability Introduced

December 27, 2009

Release notes for v1.5

  • Removed EULA pop up dialog and changed default usage reporting to false.
  • Split Toolbox functions into multiple tabs so the Toolbox uses less space on screen.
  • Toolbox now saves its last location when you close it and the toolbox is only shown on startup by default if you install Developer Assistant.
  • Began the process of splitting up functions and features into multiple plug-in files, allowing you to install only the features you need. A shared plug-in provides backwards compatibility to existing users and keeps internal functions used by multiple plug-ins in one place.
  • On windows, if you close the Toolbox when no other FileMaker window is open, the question about whether to open the Toolbox next time is no longer displayed behind the main FileMaker window.
  • Added a preference to control whether the message explaining how to open the Toolbox is shown when the Toolbox is first closed.
  • Added commands to epVar: $eraseScriptVars, $eraseWindowVars, $eraseDatabaseVars, $eraseGlobalVars, and $eraseSystemVars. epVar() is still equivalent to epVar("$eraseScriptVars"), but this syntax is deprecated.
  • Discontinued Super Variables plug-in. Its features are now free and included in every other plug-in.
  • Plug-ins that require no user interaction are now compatible with FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server web publishing.
  • Warning about using a display DPI set to a non-standard value is now shown only once when a new value for DPI is encountered.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when certain other FileMaker plug-ins were installed on Windows.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur randomly, usually when using Keyboard functions. The error message said the crash occurred at location 0x0009fdfd on Windows and could have also affected Macintosh, though no Macintosh crashes were reported.
  • Pressing ESC no longer cancels a running script in Windows FM10 if you hotkeyed ESC or when ESC is set to cancel a progress bar dialog. This was not possible to fix in Mac FM10.
  • epKeyPressOnEvent now prevents Windows FM10 from complaining you need to be in a field before you type.
  • Developer Assistant: Created extensive HTML documentation.
  • Developer Assistant: Added option to "Match Case" when searching.
  • Developer Assistant: Search in scripts now works in all cases when a script group is contained in another script group.
  • Developer Assistant: Search in lists now searches in all columns of the list, not just the first column. This lets you search for things like variable name, value, or type in FileMaker's "Data Viewer".
  • Developer Assistant: Added progress bar to show the progress of a search.
  • Developer Assistant: "Search in database" checkbox has been replaced with a pulldown menu whose contents change depending on what can be searched in the foreground FileMaker dialog.
  • Developer Assistant: If another application has locked the clipboard so FileMaker can't copy to it, Developer Assistant attempts to tell you the name of the window locking the clipboard.
  • Developer Assistant: Fixed a case where your search in scripts would search in the wrong window if you changed which window was in the foreground before continuing your search.
  • Developer Assistant: Added code that may prevent a rare error: "OpenClipboard failed with error 0"
  • Developer Assistant: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when searching with certain types of data already on the clipboard.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Added three more pixels to the default padding around dialogs.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: On the mac, pop-up menu controls are now drawn with a graphic style that looks like pop-up fields in FileMaker and matches the style used in Windows dialogs.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Progress bar dialog now grows vertically when given a caption that won't fit on one line.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Progress bar on Mac is now displayed even at zero percent.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Controls are now positioned correctly when given a manual vertical (y) value greater than zero.
  • Tweak UI: Fixed a rare case where tweakSortOrderWindow=limitToRemoveFieldsWithADSortOrder had no effect on the sort order window until it was moved or resized.
  • Menu Popper: Clicking a menu that has a sub-menu no longer returns a result on Mac - the click is ignored.