Developer Assistant
Developer AssistantSave time, FileMaker developers!
  • Search in all scripts, fields, tables, table relationships, or in multi-line text boxes and lists within any FileMaker dialog.
  • Scripts open as you search, showing matches.
  • Evaluate highlighted expressions in place instead of backtracking to Data Viewer.
  • Upgrade to Developer Assistant Advanced to replace text in scripts and edit boxes, find all matches, and replace chosen matches.
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Hands-Free Printer
Hands-Free PrinterSave time, money, and frustration.
  • HFP selects any printer, sets almost any printer option, prints, then restores old selected printer.
  • Save money by automating the use of double sided, toner saver, etc.
  • Prevent costly mistakes like printing all records instead of current record.
  • Make complex print jobs easy for new employees and automate those infrequent print jobs that employees often forget how to print.
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Menu Popper
Menu PopperImprove your interface with dropdown and pop-up menus.
  • Show type-ahead search results from multiple sources as dropdown menus.
  • Pop-up menus can have any number of sub-menus.
  • Make menu items bold, italic, underlined, bulleted, or add separator lines between items.
  • Easily turn groups of buttons on your FileMaker layouts into one simple pop-up menu.
  • Turn FileMaker "value lists", comma separated values, or almost any list into a menu.
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Keyboard and Mouse
Keyboard and MouseDo more with your mouse and keyboard.
  • Assign hotkeys to any or all layouts.
  • Simulate keyboard typing.
  • Hotkeys can run or continue scripts, set variables, or type any key combination.
  • Discover where the mouse was last clicked - now anything can be clickable, even in preview mode.
  • Change the mouse pointer - make it an hourglass while you're busy.
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SQL Runner
SQL Runner
  • Run SQL commands to read or write FileMaker data without changing layouts or creating FileMaker table relationships.
  • Where scripts can't be called, such as in a field validation or auto-enter calculation, an SQL query can do things that would normally require a multiple-step script.
  • Use an SQL query in a calculated field to generate dynamic pop-up lists.
  • Create or destroy FileMaker tables from any calculation.
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Text Toolkit
Text Toolkit
  • Use advanced, Perl-compatible "regular expressions" without installing anything but this plug-in.
  • Use regular expressions to check if an email address is valid, format digits into a phone number, capitalize the start of each sentence, and so on.
  • Cut a large block of text down into a small, unique "hash string".
  • Compare hash strings to quickly check if large blocks of text are identical or use hash strings to safely store passwords.
  • Do just about anything you want with text.
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Clipboard Explorer
Clipboard Explorer
  • Retrieve something you've copied to the clipboard and store it in a database for easy searching and organization.
  • Retrieve FileMaker scripts, layout objects, HTML pages, Word documents, and tons of other clipboard formats.
  • Put anything previously retrieved back on the clipboard, then paste it wherever you originally copied it from.
  • Search and replace in FileMaker script steps you've copied, then paste the altered script steps back into your FileMaker script.
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Super Variables
  • Use Super Variables in FileMaker 7 that work as native variables in FileMaker 8 and later.
  • Get and set variables with global, database, window, or script scope.
  • Easily access named variables passed in a FileMaker script parameter.
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Script Scheduler
  • Run a script from any calculation.
  • Schedule scripts to run at a certain time.
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Money and Numbers
  • Format and add padding to numbers.
  • Change numeric currency values into English words.
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