Clipboard Explorer
Clipboard Explorer What is it?

Clipboard Explorer is a free FileMaker® Pro and Server database plugin that lets you examine, save, and restore things copied to the clipboard from various programs, including FileMaker itself.

Save clips of almost anything.

Copy FileMaker scripts, fields, tables, and layouts, convert them to XML text with Clipboard Explorer, then save the XML to your database.  Sort and categorize these reusable objects, then put them back on the clipboard whenever you need them. Store MS Word documents, Excel data, even stylized FileMaker text.

If you don't want to create your own database to store clips, try FMClips by CampSoftware, an inexpensive database that uses Clipboard Explorer.

Search and replace in script steps.

Copy Script Steps Have you ever wanted to search and replace in the steps of a script? Now you can. First, copy the steps from your script.
Script Steps copied from clipboardNext, use an example database that comes with Clipboard Explorer to view the script steps as "XML" text that you can edit. The XML looks different than regular script steps, but it contains the same information. Notice the words circled in blue in the XML match the same words in the original script.

When you're done editing, use Clipboard Explorer to convert the XML text back to script steps on the clipboard, then paste the altered script steps back into your script.

Organize your clips.

Clipboard Explorer preserves the formatting of data copied from almost any program, so you can create databases of:

  • FileMaker scripts
  • FileMaker layout objects
  • Publicity blurbs
  • Marketing paragraphs
  • Product information
  • Spreadsheet data
  • Emails
  • and so on.

Say you write grant proposals for your organization using a word processor and you often find yourself searching through previous grant proposals to find bits of wording or statistics to use in new grant proposals. If you copied those pieces of text into a database, you could link them to keywords, categories, record the date different statistics were last updated, and so on. Clipboard Explorer lets you capture whatever format your word processor uses to represent its text on the clipboard so that you don't have to worry about losing font information, indents, and so on.

Storing text clips in FileMaker also allows you to manipulate them before they are moved back on to the clipboard. For example, you could replace individual statistics with special codes that get updated with the latest statistical values from FileMaker fields whenever you move a piece of text back on to the clipboard.

It's free.

Every organization will have different needs for storing and organizing clipboard clips. Clipboard Explorer gives you the power to access and manipulate those clips for free.

System Requirements
  • FileMaker Pro or Server 14 through 20.3
  • Windows 2000 through Windows 11
  • Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) through macOS 14 (Sonoma), Intel or Apple Silicon (M1, M2, and future) processor
  • FileMaker 13 and earlier on OS X 10.8 and earlier were last supported in 2empowerFM Family v2.65
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