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Development of Tweak UI has been discontinued due to lack of interest since most of its features were FileMaker 7-9 and/or Windows specific. Bug fix releases will continue for future FileMaker/OS versions.
Tweak UI What is it?

Inspired by confused users, Tweak UI is a FileMaker® Pro database plugin that allows you to alter the FileMaker User Interface in unique ways that eliminate the confusion.

Always "Open Remote".

Everyone is used to going to the "File, Open" menu to open a file. Yet when your company uses FileMaker Server, "File, Open Remote..." is the only way for your users to get to your databases. New employees or anyone who doesn't use FileMaker every day won't know this and will waste precious time navigating around through directories in "File, Open" looking for the database they need, only to be told it's in use by FileMaker Server if they actually do find it.

Tweak UI can simply show Windows users the Open Remote dialog whenever FileMaker is started.

Simplify sort.

Tweak UI can simplify the Sort Order window
Tweaking sort order window
In larger databases, the Sort Order window shows a daunting number of fields to sort on. Tweak UI can alter FileMaker’s sort window to contain only the fields you’ve pre-selected and let users drag them into the order they want. This feature is currently only available to Windows users.

Open script by name.

In an example database that demonstrates your product, it can often be helpful to direct the user to view the FileMaker script that controls a particular example. However, FileMaker offers no way to open a particular script, so example writers are stuck wasting a lot of layout space to show a screen shot of the script or a text-based interpretation of the script that needs to be updated whenever the script is updated. Even with screen shots, many users still want to look at the actual script, and it's always a hassle to look through the list of scripts and open ones that might go with the examples they're interested in.

Tweak UI allows you to simply open any script by referring to its name, letting example writers replace screen shots or instructions with a simple "View script" button. This feature is available for Windows and Macintosh users.

FileMaker 7 to 9.

FileMaker 10 has made some tweaks obsolete, but in earlier versions, we found that users kept thinking the “Find” button would start a new find, not perform the current find. A Windows UI tweak was added to hide that button so we could substitute our own button in the layout. The same was done for the script "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons.

Try for free.

Make things easier for your users. Give Tweak UI a try - free for 30 days.

System Requirements
  • FileMaker Pro 14 through 20.3
  • Windows 2000 through Windows 11
  • Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) through macOS 14 (Sonoma), Intel or Apple Silicon (M1, M2, and future) processor
  • FileMaker 13 and earlier on OS X 10.8 and earlier were last supported in 2empowerFM Family v2.65

Pricing and License Options

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